A solution that drives multidisciplinary care


The Clarifi® solution provides value across multiple patient care settings and disciplines. Clinical data and images are captured at the point-of-care with Clarifi Imaging System. Clarifi Cloud securely stores and transmits this clinical data. Then the reports can be shared between all of the pateint’s specialty providers to extend insight into the best treatment options. Through this flow of information, the Clarifi solution is designed to support data-driven care navigation, so clinicians can personalize treatment and provide better outcomes.

Solution Diagram

Case Study: A common language to enhance foot care for renal patients


The primary nephrologist uses the Clarifi solution to facilitate proactive foot care. The chronic kidney disease patients are imaged periodically during their dialysis treatment. Afterwards, the nephrologist reviews the images in Clarifi Cloud to determine if a referral is needed to a specialty care provider. The report is shared with the appropriate podiatrists, vascular interventionalists, and wound care clinicians to help navigate care. The result is an integrated solution that is targeted to improve outcomes for high-risk renal patients. Through this process, Modulim is a strategic partner for physicians by enhancing communication amongst providers, coordinating accountable care, and improving outcomes.

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Clarifi — SFDI Powering Value-Based Care