Meet Modulim


Modulim is a pioneer in subsurface optical imaging powered by spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI), an advanced optical imaging technique invented by founder and CTO David Cuccia, Ph.D., and his colleagues at UC Irvine’s Beckman Laser Institute in California.


SFDI deciphers the reflection, absorbance, and scattering of light to more accurately measure key indicators of subsurface tissue integrity.


An ounce of prevention is priceless


When we developed our technology platform, we knew there would be numerous applications, in medicine and beyond. We also understood that, as a start-up, we couldn’t do it all. We needed to focus.


So, we asked ourselves a key question:

Where can we have the biggest impact on the quality and cost of patient care?


Our answer:

Early detection of compromised circulation.

Seeing beyond


By combining advanced optical imaging technology and quantitative algorithms with a deep understanding of microvascular anatomy, we empower clinicians to see beyond.


Beyond the surface of the skin. Beyond the usual diagnostic techniques. Beyond conventional management of vascular disease toward early detection and prevention.