Satellite Healthcare and Modulim Announce Strategic Partnership

Irvine, CA—July 12, 2022—

Modulim, a health technology company that delivers point-of-care microvascular and data insights to save limbs and improve lives, announces a strategic partnership with Satellite Healthcare to standardize use of Modulim’s Limb Assessment, Management, and Preservation (LAMP) solution.  Satellite is a 48 year old non-profit organization providing high quality dialysis services leading the field in the percentage of patients on home therapies.  This partnership will establish a first-of-its-kind peripheral arterial disease (PAD) Center of Excellence using Clarifi® technology at the Tri-County Vascular Access Center in San Jose, California.

The LAMP solution is being implemented at Satellite’s dialysis and vascular access centers over the course of the next 12 months and is aimed at reducing hospitalizations related to foot complications for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients.  The ESRD patient population is at particularly high risk for complications from peripheral arterial disease. With LAMP we are excited to assist our Nephrologists as they endeavor to take better care of their patients. We hope this technology will allow prevention of ulcers and amputations.  The technology and best practices from LAMP help improve upon the standard foot-check protocol. This added technology and microvascular assessment with Clarifi provide clinicians the ability to detect disease progression sooner, enabling earlier intervention. The programmatic data insights and cloud computing capabilities from Modulim Cloud drives timely, coordinated, and proactive care with minimal staff.

“Satellite Healthcare will be deploying the LAMP program to establish a proactive care paradigm to help our patients live their best lives. All of our dialysis patients are at high risk for lower-limb complications, which can tremendously impact how we manage their kidney disease. With LAMP, we can help identify patients with risk factors like PAD who may need specialty treatment to prevent ulcers and amputations,” said William Raffo, MD and Satellite’s Chief Medical Officer, Innovation.

“The PAD Center of Excellence using Clarifi microvascular assessment marks a turning point in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of lower-limb vascular complications. This is one of many steps we take everyday at Satellite in keeping with our mission of making lives better for those living with kidney disease,” said Jeffrey Goffman, Chief Executive Officer of Satellite.  “Utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology is core to Satellite’s purpose to be a catalyst in the transformation of kidney care.  We believe in pioneering tomorrow’s breathroughs to improve patients’ lives. We are glad to have found a partner in Modulim who shares this value.”

“We are delighted to partner with an organization that is just as passionate about bringing the future of healthcare forward. The guiding principles of both our companies are very similar. Core to that is putting the patient’s wellbeing at the forefront of every decision,” said Charlie Huiner, CEO of Modulim. “This is just the first of many solutions we plan to develop and deploy to revolutionize lower limb care. Sixty-one million patients are at risk for lower limb complications due to chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and PAD in the United States. This is a widely underappreciated and unmet clinical need in our country and globally. With rising attention from  healthcare providers and advocacy groups like the American Heart Association to address the lower limb epidemic, now is the time to be proactive about limb health.”

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About Modulim

Modulim delivers transformative health technology solutions that empower clinicians across the continuum of care to improve patient outcomes. Clarifi®, powered by Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) technology, quantifies and maps tissue health at the point-of-care through non-contact rapid microvascular assessment. Modulim Cloud™ promotes timely, proactive data-driven decisions to reduce lower-limb complications by digitally connecting clinicians and healthcare systems. Modulim is based in Irvine, CA, with a team dedicated to delivering powerful healthcare solutions that elevate the standard of care for patients with diabetes, kidney disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

Clarifi is a registered trademark of Modulated Imaging (dba Modulim).


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