You may have already noticed that Modulim is a contraction of Modulated Imaging — connecting the effort that we’ve already invested to develop our groundbreaking technology, with a newly honed focus on point-of-care diagnostics.


Because we’re more than just an imaging company. We’re a software company, a data/analytics company, a clinical solutions company, dedicated to helping clinicians prevent diabetic foot ulcers and other complications due to compromised circulation.


Like the name, our new logo distills and clarifies the brand by evolving key design elements that signify our vision, our core technology platform, our story:


  • Dots that simultaneously represent photons, digital bits, and biological molecules
  • A distinctive palette that represents the multiple wavelengths of light we employ, as well as the diversity of our stakeholders
  • A sinusoidal waveform that represents structured light — a key technology differentiator and a nod to the peaks and valleys of our continuing journey to see beyond….


Throughout 2019, you’ll see how the new brand animates everything we do in the marketplace — starting with a new website and the launch of our exciting new Clarifi™ Imaging System.